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Starting a game business? Check out my guest post on Indie Megabooth!

The Indie Megabooth site is hosting my latest blog post about business basics for indie game developers. It’s the first in a planned five-part series that digs into the basic concepts behind how and why you should form a company. Check it out here. If you like it, let the folks at Indie Megabooth know how much! Hopefully we’ll see the rest of the posts in the series up over…

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Can you use another game’s card names in your game?

When developing a game, there are a number of small details that you put into it, including the names of cards, powers, weapons, and other items within the game world. Whether it is a video game, mobile app, or tabletop game, there is a fear that using names that exist in other games could lead to legal liability. I was recently asked this question by a reader, and I thought…

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